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ISFJ personality traits


SEES SELF: as a patient resource for people who in need of his or her service and care.

OVERRIDING NEED: to be a loyal friend, a competent caretaker, to be needed and of service to others.

IRRITATED BY: people who are rude, argumentative, late, noisy, sloppy, showy or who fail to prepare for situations.

STRENGTHS: intensely loyal, strong sense of duty, diligent, protective and very patient.

SEEN BY OTHERS: neat, charming, dutiful, obedient, perhaps too modest and serious.

DECIDES carefully, step by step based on facts as they affect people, dislikes risks.

IRRITATES OTHERS: by saying ‘yes’ too often and then resenting it, complaining behind people’s backs.

CHALLENGES: may allow themselves to become the doormats of whatever situation in which they find themselves.


Found on Pinterest, and ROCKED MY WORLD. Love being an ISFJ.


I S F J; (listen) a mix for the kind-hearted people who feel everything with their whole soul and hold onto what they love with everything they’ve got; for those who strive for happiness but always manage to put others before themselves; for the lovers, the fighters, the unsung heroes. the isfj.

"I looked at everyone and wondered where they came from, and who they missed, and what they were sorry for"

i. hero // regina spektor, ii. fix you // coldplay, iii. somewhere only we know // lily allen, iv. ultraviolence // lana del rey, v. ask yourself // foster the people, vi. chasing pavements // adele, vii. beautiful child // fleetwood mac, viii. to a poet // first aid kit

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The least hedonistic of all types, ISFJs, believe work is good, and play must be earned. ISFJs are willing to work long, long hours. When they undertake a task, it will be completed if at all humanly possible. Adhering to an established way of doing things and doing them well is valued and respected. The efficiency and effectiveness of an established procedure is not often questioned.


 - David Keirsey & Marilyn Bates, Please Understand Me

ISFJs are characterized above all by their desire to serve others, their “need to be needed,” and to minister to individual needs. In extreme cases, this need is so strong that standard give-and-take relationships are deeply unsatisfying to them; however, most ISFJs find more than enough with which to occupy themselves within the framework of a normal life.
MBTI most accurate descriptions


ESTP: super attractive physically but it’s all downhill from there. never quite know what they’re going to do next but you can probably bet it will be irresponsible. somehow still lovable. 

ESTJ: loud, logical, and get shit done — they are the warrior class of the life rpg. power stats make them unbeatable and if you encounter one, maybe just curl up and forfeit, to save time. 

ESFP: giggly little shits. fun fun fun till her daddy takes the t-bird away. great for lifting your mood, not that great at lifting your credit score. 

ESFJ: too appropriate, totally lacking in awkwardness. they’ll never forget your birthday, which will make you feel like shit when you constantly forget theirs. 

ENTP: excellent companions if you enjoy people who instantly see through all your shit. very clever and very intuitive, you can’t fool them. i suggest you invest in other friends — ones you *can* fool. 

ENTJ: impatient with people who make mistakes, namely, everyone. they’ll respect you if you stand up to them but why do that when you can run away instead. cuddle them and see what happens. i’m curious.

ENFP: too puppy to live. best suited for the profession of musical nanny. not advised for use around an open flame. 

ENFJ: way too charming and capable, maybe they should stop making everyone else look bad. prone to making other people care about stuff they didn’t want to care about. so annoying. 

ISTP: such butts. best suited for an apocalypse scenario, if no such scenario exists, they will create danger because they get bored. don’t encourage them, but don’t discourage them, as reverse psychology works too well.

ISTJ: low drama and low maintenance, best value at this price tier. best suited to actual human existence. least weird, which makes them kinda weird.

ISFP: squishy little darlings you might want to keep in your pocket, but please don’t or they will become forlorn. they notice everything, and it’s unnerving. 

ISFJ: quietly and proudly do things for others. if you have a ring you need to deliver to mordor, take an ISFJ along with you for best results. 

INTP: cute intergalactic spiders you want to hug and mistrust. prone to making you laugh but then days later you will wonder whether you were the butt of the joke. 

INTJ: major dicks and kinda proud of it. prone to being right. prone to liking trance music way too much. all the ones i’ve ever met have been unexpectedly kinky. so i guess, expectedly. 

INFP: they fall out of the sky and are raised by unicorns. if you feed one it will follow you home. they dissipate in water. 

INFJ: chameleons appropriating your emotions and going quietly mad. prone to meltdowns and needing lots of naps.

A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say.

—Italo Calvino, The Uses of Literature  (via paperlover)


Dragons plant no trees. Remember that. Remember who you are, what you were made to be. Remember your words. “Fire and Blood,” Daenerys told the swaying grass.


When you’re feeling down and out, REAL friends be like